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Introducing Jess!

[Editor’s note: You guys!  New person!  It is my pleasure to introduce you to Jess D., who will be writing stuff on this here blog. J Dizzle, as her friends don’t call her, has much better credentials for this thing than me.  She studied English Literature at the BEST UNIVERSITY IN AUSTRALIA and is now doing an editing and publishing degree at the same place.  Furthermore, FURTHERMORE, she also worked as Senior Text Buyer at the Melbourne University Bookshop (you guys did you know it’s the best university in Australia?) before that place was privatised, and hopefully she’ll be doing that again soon when they hire some staff!  Look, what I’m saying is we’re happy to have her and read the words that she writes with her hands (presumably). xoxo Steven]

Hello Hello.

I, Jessica, former employee of rival bookstore, Melbourne University Bookshop (RIP), will be a guest blogger on this delightful store’s blog.


Thank-you Steven H. for addressing this issue already.

My first real blog, beyond this one, will be a delightful debate starter.

Which is better literary buffs, the Pulitzer Fiction prize (RIP) or the Booker fiction prize?

I was schooled on this matter a number of years ago by a colleague who claimed every fiction book he’d ever read that was either a winner of the Big P, or a Long/Short list entrant was immediately added to his own personal favourites list. The same, could not be said for the Booker.

So my quest for this blog begins today:

I am currently reading Julian Barnes’ The Sense of Ending, and will compare my reading enjoyment with A Visit From the Goon Squad to indeed inform readers whether the Pulitzers’ Fiction prize disappearance will severely affect our reading pleasure or not.

Stay tuned and goodnight.


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Introducing everyone else

Zev, like a young Robert De Niro, is tough but with a comic streak. His knowledge of Judaica is second to none and he has the uncanny ability to locate a crazily misfiled book with only the power of his mind. Unlike Robert De Niro, he does not own a string of successful restaurants.

Margaret is stylish and smart, with a dry sense of humour and a knack for predicting trends. If you’re after a book on art or cooking, or need to know what’s big in New York right now, she’s the one to ask.

Deirdre is beloved by many, a woman of great height and great heart. Known to her friends as Dudley, she knows our kids section like the back of her hand. Dudley can always find the perfect book to make the child in your life laugh out loud, and she would appreciate that show of alliteration.


Introducing Steven

It's called smart casual guys, look it up

Watup friends and lovers!  FUTURE FRIENDS AND LOVERS.  My name is Steven and I’m here to talk to you about books.  But  first let’s talk about me!  In 1990 my birth was foretold by a swallow and heralded by the appearance of a double rainbow across the sky over the mountain and a new star in the heavens. Lol jks, that’s Kim Jong-il.  TOPICAL!  Handsomest Helfenbaum 21 years running, I’m also the newest employee at Sunflower Bookshop.  As such I should probably be talking to you about books.  SEGUE!

My favourite book is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.  I kid, I kid!  My favourite book is actually three books, Neal Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle.  You should totes read it!  I’ll order it in for you and everything!  It’s  massive, all your friends will think you’re really smart, and THAT’s a Steven guarantee.  I’m a fan of Martin Amis, but unlike him also of women and muslims.  ZING!  I also like to read Foucault in the original French.

I’ve just finished an arts degree, majoring in criminology and history and philosophy of science, and planning on doing honours in the latter this year, so I’m planning for long term unemployment and impoverishment.

This blog is my brainchild, fresh from my brainloins to your eyeballs, so treat it gently.

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Introducing Fay

Oh so windswept

Welcome to our inaugural post, by me, Fay Helfenbaum, the hippest of the Sunflower crew and voted fourth funniest Helfenbaum at our last dinner table poll. I’m lucky to have worked for a delightful three years at Sunflower Bookshop. During my time here I have talked to some of my favourite authors, met lots of lovely people, dressed up as a witch, read to a scary horde of preschoolers, become an expert on young adult fiction and read stacks of amazing books. My favourite book of all time is Vanity Fair  by William Thackeray and my favourite author is Virginia Woolf. My favourite Sunflower section is young adult fiction and my weak spot is definitely history (both in terms of stock and general knowledge). I’ve just finished my undergraduate degree at Melbourne Uni with a major in literature (as well as economics, management and political science, because I am well-rounded) and working at Sunflower has made me realise that I want to pursue a career in publishing. Anyway since deleting my Facebook account I have a lot more free time and I am very excited to spend it on here, telling you all about my favourite new books and the exciting events we’re hosting.