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Introducing Steven

It's called smart casual guys, look it up

Watup friends and lovers!  FUTURE FRIENDS AND LOVERS.  My name is Steven and I’m here to talk to you about books.  But  first let’s talk about me!  In 1990 my birth was foretold by a swallow and heralded by the appearance of a double rainbow across the sky over the mountain and a new star in the heavens. Lol jks, that’s Kim Jong-il.  TOPICAL!  Handsomest Helfenbaum 21 years running, I’m also the newest employee at Sunflower Bookshop.  As such I should probably be talking to you about books.  SEGUE!

My favourite book is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.  I kid, I kid!  My favourite book is actually three books, Neal Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle.  You should totes read it!  I’ll order it in for you and everything!  It’s  massive, all your friends will think you’re really smart, and THAT’s a Steven guarantee.  I’m a fan of Martin Amis, but unlike him also of women and muslims.  ZING!  I also like to read Foucault in the original French.

I’ve just finished an arts degree, majoring in criminology and history and philosophy of science, and planning on doing honours in the latter this year, so I’m planning for long term unemployment and impoverishment.

This blog is my brainchild, fresh from my brainloins to your eyeballs, so treat it gently.

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