Introducing Fay

Oh so windswept

Welcome to our inaugural post, by me, Fay Helfenbaum, the hippest of the Sunflower crew and voted fourth funniest Helfenbaum at our last dinner table poll. I’m lucky to have worked for a delightful three years at Sunflower Bookshop. During my time here I have talked to some of my favourite authors, met lots of lovely people, dressed up as a witch, read to a scary horde of preschoolers, become an expert on young adult fiction and read stacks of amazing books. My favourite book of all time is Vanity Fair  by William Thackeray and my favourite author is Virginia Woolf. My favourite Sunflower section is young adult fiction and my weak spot is definitely history (both in terms of stock and general knowledge). I’ve just finished my undergraduate degree at Melbourne Uni with a major in literature (as well as economics, management and political science, because I am well-rounded) and working at Sunflower has made me realise that I want to pursue a career in publishing. Anyway since deleting my Facebook account I have a lot more free time and I am very excited to spend it on here, telling you all about my favourite new books and the exciting events we’re hosting.


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