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Happy Friday!

It is the end of the working week, huzzah! Unless you are me.

So what’s been happening at Sunflower this week? I hear you ask. Lots of things!

On Wednesday night we went to the Elliot Perlman event at the Jewish Holocaust Centre and listened to him speak warmly and eloquently. Dominic, their Austrian intern, and I fetched lots of chairs. And then we sold some books! And then Elliot signed them! More on that tomorrow. Not that there’s a whole lot more to be said, but still. In fact when I said ‘lots of things’ I think that was it really.

What else…. I have resolved to stop complaining about the size of 1Q84 so I will just say that I am getting there. I will write a crazy long review when I finish to make up for all my writing. Crazy long to match the CRAZY LENGTH of 1Q84. Sorry. That’s it, I promise.

So today I was working with the charming Vivienne, our newest employee. Have I told you guys about her yet? She’s great! Maybe I’ll get her to post something next week.

We were talking about some people’s aversion to teen books and how it isn’t necessarily fair because great teen fiction can cross into adult fiction just as lots of great fiction can be read by teens. And now I’ll stop saying teens.

For instance, on the longlist of THAT Miles Franklin last year was a novel written by Melina Marchetta, ostensibly written for young people but in fact chosen by judges as some of the best fiction in Australia. Sonya Hartnett was shortlisted the year before, and she is recognised as one of Australia’s best writers.  So take that, teen haters!

On the other hand I think that Geraldine Brooks books tend to flip back well for younger audiences and I won’t say more than that because it would probably turn out mean. I’m not her biggest fan (obvs) but I do think she tells good stories. The Phryne Fisher series is also a great young person idea, I listened to them on tape as a kid and they were fun and exciting and not too racy or scary but full of Melbourne history and murder!

Lots of classics came up too, like Catch 22, Catcher in the Rye, Travels with my Aunt, The Great Gatsby, 1984.

But then you want to be careful too, because no matter how good a reader you are at 14, there are some things that young people shouldn’t have to think about or deal with in too much agonising detail. Like rape and violence and stuff. The most inappropriate book I read as a young teenager was The Bride Stripped Bare and it honestly freaked me out for a while. I don’t know though, I was (and still am) particularly sensitive.

End of rambling! Happy Friday!

Love Fay

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