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Thoughts on a Thursday

Hi everyone!

It’s just about time for another exciting issue of our newsletter. I’m always asking for feedback or things you’d like to see in it but I never get any. But here I go again! Seriously, we’d love to hear what you like, dislike, want more of, want less of, in our newsletter.

We’re also going to start a series of author interviews on our blog and we were thinking we’d have a standard set of questions (as well as some author specific ones). We’d love to hear your suggestions! What have you always wanted to know from your authors? How they deal with bad reviews? How do they do the actual writing? What was their favourite childhood book? Please help us find out the things you want to know!

Also I am reading 1Q84 by Murakami and it is loooooonnnnng. I would like some moral support please. How do I deal with the spirit crushing weight (and literal weight) that is a 900 page book with really small writing?? I am in super struggle first world problem town.

What else……. I’m sorry I’m really boring. Steven’s out of town and I’m tired and not funny. He will be very unimpressed when he comes back and sees this. Full disclosure: I probably wouldn’t have even written a post today except that our newsletter is about to come out with links to the blog and I didn’t want people’s first experience to be the train-wreck that was the last Chatz on Sat(urday). Not that this is much better. Actually come to think of it, Steven’s going to be away this Saturday. Does anyone want to do the Chatz with me? All you need is some sort of instant chatting ability and an interest in books! Seriously, otherwise I will be chatting alone and it will be depressing. So, kind volunteers, reply to this post or hit me up at sunflowerbookshop@netspace.net.au with ATTENTION FAY. Internet fame awaits!

Love Fay

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