The Sisters Brothers LAST COPY Live blog!

1:16 PM – Ok, more than half an hour since my original blog post and still no one has bought it.  Keep reading for up to the minute updates!

1:22 PM – Some looks, I thought, but alas they were only for All That I Am.  And now for lunch, hopefully in half an hour I will have good news for you (me).

2:08 PM – After an unintentionally extended lunch break, I have returned to find it unmoved from before.  Going to try to reposition it so as to make it more visible.

2:27 PM – No results yet, but the day has hit a bit of a lull anyway.  I’m still feeling positive about it.

3:15 PM – Well, three quarters of an hour later and still nothing.  I have a new theory, maybe people (people like you?  WHY HAVEN’T YOU BOUGHT IT?  You know, if you haven’t) think it’s TOO good for them?  And I guess on some level, what are we mere mortals compared to The Sisters Brothers.

3:40 PM – Ok, I am prepared to let the lack of purchase thus far slide, as business is irregularly slow.  You hear that?  Like Robin Williams curing Will Hunting, it’s not your fault.

4:01 PM – Could The Sisters Brothers be considered a children’s book?  It has horsies!  That die.  And a little girl!  Who’s evil.  And a dog!  That is poisoned.  (Those last two being in the dreamlike Intermissions in the book).  I guess what I’m asking is can I recommend it to someone looking for a book for a 10 year old girl?

4:23 PM – Well my conscience is clean – no 10 year olds corrupted – but alas the book remains.

4:49 PM – 11 minutes till closing time.  Will a champion come before then or will I have to continue tomorrow?  KNOW THAT I AM FULLY PREPARED TO

5:00 PM – Well, I’m disappointed.  But I will be here tomorrow and I WILL see this book bought.  And I am NOT buying a second copy for myself.  If you’re reading this and you haven’t read The Sisters Brothers, do yourself (and also me) a favour and come pick it up tomorrow.  It may not be here much longer… Hopefully.


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