Tournament of Books beginning and Steven’s picks

ImageYou guys it’s started!  Are you excited?  YOU SHOULD BE.  So we’ll chat about the first two days tomorrow don’t fear, but go here to see today’s results.  Yay for The Sense of an Ending (buy it in store!)!  It was the better book (to be discussed tomorrow, complete with THE TALE OF THE VILLAINOUS BRAM ‘AWFUL PERSON’ PRESSER).  And totes in accordance with my as yet only-in-my-brain predictions, to be published… now.

The Sense of an Ending (in store!) will (did) beat The Devil All the Time

Tomorrow Salvage the Bones (in store!) will beat Lightning Rods

1Q84 (in store!) will beat The Last Brother (also in store!)

State of Wonder (possibly in store! If not we’ll totes order it!) will (sadly, not to say that the former isn’t very good) beat The Sisters Brothers (in store!)

Swamplandia! will beat The Cat’s Table (in store!)

I want the Marriage Plot (in store!) to lose the next round so much I CAN TASTE IT but it will probably beat Green Girl

And it will be a tough call, but I’m going to say SURPRISE UPSET that Open City will beat The Art of Fielding (in store!)

And there ya have it folks

I’ll see YOU… on the blog

In other words I won’t see you.


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