Chatz on Sat(urday)

Hey buddies!  Did you miss me?  I missed you!  In a physical way.  Hey, here’s some chatz!

Fay:  Chaaaaaaattttzzzzz

Steven:  Fay, my old comrade

Steven: guess who’s back?

Steven: back for chatzz?

Fay:  Is it Jess? She was fun

Steven:  do not be afraid

Fay:  I am a little….

Steven:  i’m pretty intimidating

Steven: physically and mentally

Fay:  I sure missed this

Fay: So whatcha reading this lovely sat(urday)?

Steven:  well mon frere, I am currently just about to finish The Sisters Brothers Steven: which is THE BEST

Fay:  The best ever?

Steven:  NO

Steven:  but still great regardless

Fay:  the best of ToB?

Steven: I want to say yes?

Steven:  I realise that it’s easy to say that when you’re reading something

Fay:  Better than The Art of Fielding???

Fay:  Better than The Sense of an Ending???


Steven:  yes to the second, i guess no to the former but i think i like it more


Steven: HUH HUH

Fay: No I just meant I’m overwhelmed by choice

Steven: me too but i really love this book

Steven: i’m going to tattoo it on my head

Steven: ALL OF IT

Fay:  Good call

Steven: thanks, solving last months tattoo dilemma

Fay: Your enormously swollen head will be the perfect size

Steven: that’s what she said

Steven: BOOSH


Steven:  haHA

Steven: so fay, whatCHU readin?

Fay:  I have FINISHED 1Q84 which was, may I say, delightful!

Fay: (review pending)

Fay: and now I am reading The Hours by Virginia Woolf who is my hero

Steven:  i’m pretty sure her name’s nicole kidman

Fay: and in shop news I have just finished Why We Broke Up by Lemony Snicket aka Daniel Handler with gorgeous illustrations by Maira Kalman

Fay:  I highly recommend all of them!

Fay: And I am ALSO enjoying the first 20 pages of the Tiger’s Wife

Steven:  showoff

Fay:  And THAT, my friend, is just what I’m reading today

Steven:  whatevvvs

Steven: what’s in the news mate?

Steven:  the book news

Fay:  Amanda Knox is in the news with her huge but awkward payout for her tell all

Steven: ah yes, amanda knox

Steven: good kid, not a murderer

Steven: OR IS SHE?

Steven: (nope)


Steven: ugh daily mail

Steven: use a different paper

Fay:   but this article takes the prize for longest title and creepiest stalker photos

Steven:  seems pretty fair

Steven:  years in jail deserves some cashola

Fay:  but who really cares?

Steven:  about what?

Fay:  her? I mean haven’t we seen it play out all over the news already?

Steven:  have YOU been wrongly jailed for murder and then released amid mass publicity WHILE LOOKING PRETTY?

Steven: if nothing else fay, CERTAINLY not that last part

Fay:  MEAN


Steven: that’s what i do

Fay:  Newsbolt: Steven is jerk!


Steven: moving on

Steven:  putting aside the question of whether aknox (as i like to call her) IS a celebrity, how do you feel about celebrity authors in general

Steven: as in celebrity first, then later author

Fay: How do you THINK i feel?

Fay: not great.

Fay:  I mean I really hate those celebrity tie-in books like Kardashian Konfidential or that Justin Beiber biog (excellent quote: “if you’re after the world’s most narcissistic yearbook, this is your new bicycle”)

Fay:I mean they’re just using the book as a medium to sucker small children into parting with their hard earned cash

Steven:  you know what i loved? how in the trailer for the j bieb movie mr voice over man says, and i quote, “they said he would never make it…”


Fay:  Not Usher, certainly

Steven:  anyway, i somewhat disagree with you


Steven:  if a celebritay wants to write somethin WHY NOT! it’s not like the book is some all hallowed thing that you need to hold up and only allow certain people to do. it’s not like there’s an exam you have to pass to become a writer and nor SHOULD there be. celebrity writers are not DEVALUING anything, they’re just adding another, questionable maybe but still, book to the enormous world of books

Steven: yo

Fay:  I think they ARE devaluing something!

Steven:  what?


Fay:  They are devaluing the work of people who spend time and effort and skill in the production of a book

Steven: how though?

Steven:  they’re not held up to the same level so why does that matter

Fay:  The Kardashians are all like ‘lalala we should write a book’ and then they pop out some lame quotes, get it ghost written and TADA a kid buys that instead of some quality literature

Steven:  mr booker is not going to choose kardashian konfidential for his book prize

Fay:  But it is a COMPETITION

Steven:  but it’s NOT one or the other

Fay:  Capitalism I mean

Fay: People go into a store intending to buy a single book, and they waste it on, not even a bad one, one that barely qualifies

Steven:  look, people are not going to choose between a kardashian book and dostoevsky

Steven:  anyway, diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks is what i’m getting at

Steven: (i don’t know what that means)

Fay:  Yeah but they might have bought something better, with a real narrative arc or character building and imagination and some not celebrity person getting money that they probably could put to better use

Steven:  alright we’re going to have to agree to disagree, but i think that those books and, say, the sisters brothers (only $19.99!) have completely different purposes, and that’s fine

Steven:  and THAT my friends is a wrap

Steven: a chat wrap

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