Tournament of Bookcovers

Just a quick one folks! Especially for you Tournament of Book-ers out there. I liked this comparison of American and UK (also the Australian) book covers for ToB. Does it say anything about anything? I don’t know but it sure is pretty!

Update: AAAAAAAAAH Check out the first bracket!!!! 1Q84 is going to SMASH The Last Brother if not on merit then by sheer force of weigh (because it’s long, you guys), The Art of Fielding is going to baseball metaphor Open City, I hope The Sense of an Ending beats that other book I haven’t read because it’s really good. I don’t really have an opinion about the others. I really like State of Wonder but The Sisters Brothers is supposed to be pretty cool too. I think Michael Ondaatje will beat Swamplandia! because, cmon, he’s Michael Ondaatje. And you can’t even get Lightning Rods in Australia.

And also, I am probably completely and utterly wrong about all of this. (Except you definitely can’t get Lightning Rods in Australia.) Check it all out here!

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